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Equestrian Centre Cortijo Las Minas

The horse is unique in the animal world for its special relationship with the human race.

The horse's noble and generous nature allows us to ride on its back and to use its speed and its strength for our purposes. Its sensitivity and curiosity towards us enables us to form part of its world and to take part in an unforgettable and gratifying experience.

Horse riding allows us the privilege of forming part of Nature and therefore enjoying the fauna and flora around us very closely. To go riding in the countryside isn't the same as cycling or walking, we are part of Nature and wild animals accept us as they accept the horse, we can get much closer to them, in fact, on some occasions we have met up with young wild boar that came into the group of horses and even touched them.

Riding is a healthy, ecological sport which is open to everyone, and especially useful to people with difficulties in communication and or mobility. In riding we use our whole body, we discover muscles we didn't know existed; it is an excellent way to get fit, gain strength and improve posture and flexibility. It is probably one of the most difficult and demanding sports on a physical level. It doesn't just affect our body but also our communication, interaction and the harmony that we create with the horse.

The most beautiful thing is when two living beings of different species join together to the extent that they act as one. This is the essence of riding, whether trail riding through the fabulous landscapes that surround us, practising classical dressage in the manège, or competing at any of the other equestrian disciplines, such as show jumping or endurance.

Established in 2002 by Fernando and his wife Dorcas, Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Center is situated in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the centre of Andalusia. It is a small, friendly family run Equestrian Centre with a relaxed and informal atmosphere where we welcome riders of all ages, levels and abilities. We offer a very varied programme of equestrian activities all year round and above all, we have a fabulous team of excellent horses.


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