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Hacking by the Day

At Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Centre we offer hacking and trail riding in a longer format, by the day as well as by the hour.

We work hard to keep up with the demand for new routes and different itineraries that you, our clients, request from us. We have designed activities and itineraries of differing intensities and durations to adapt to different levels of experience, fitness and varying requirements.

As we wish to satisfy your every need we can offer you a totally made-to-measure product - we are happy to design new routes, activities and itineraries in a variety of formats which are adapted to your personal interests and individual requirements.

Half Day Rides

Of special interest to novice and intermediate riders.

Our half day ride is one of the most popular activities that we offer.

You will enjoy between 3 and 4 hours riding, which will take you through the most beautiful landscapes in the area around Cortijo Las Minas, such as the Mediterranean forest of the area known as "El Entredicho", the Natural Reserve of  " Las Lagunas de Archidona (or Salinas)", open farmland and olive groves around Villanueva de Tapia and mountain landscapes in the "Sierra del Pedroso" etc.

The pace of the ride is gentle and relaxed, comfortably accessible to riders of a novice to intermediate level. If you can keep your balance and control the horse without difficulty in walk and trot this ride is suitable for you.

We stop for a rest of 30 - 40 minutes either in a beautiful spot out in the country or at a local establishment, usually a bar or restaurant, which we come across along the way, where we have a refreshing drink with its accompanying delicious tapa. This is included in the price. This break is a good excuse to rest our muscles for a bit before continuing the trail.

The best way to see the countryside in this area of the north east of the province of Malaga, is from the back of one of our very special horses.

Programme: 3 to 4 hours riding with one stop for a drink and tapa.


Day Rides

*Of special interest to riders of intermediate and advanced level

We offer rides which last a whole day long that are normally between 5 and 6 hours riding in a day and best suited to riders of at least intermediate or advanced level.

On this type of ride we indulge in exploring a bit further away from home, discovering incredible contrasts in the countryside and great diversity in the fauna and flora that we come across along the way.

During these day rides we can cover between 30 and 50 kms. on horseback and we visit such differing places as the immense Iznájar Lake, which has its own microclimate or "Los Arroyos", which is a wilderness of river gorges of difficult access situated between Salinas, Cuesta La Palma, Villanueva de Tapia, Los Ventorros de Balerma, La Laguna, Cuesta Blanca and Río Frío. On the other hand we visit mountain landscapes riding through the "Lagunas de Archidona" natural reserve, past the "Fuente la Lana", "El Cortijuelo" and the "Sierra de Gibalto" to reach the source of the Guadalhorce river at the "Paraje de los Cien Caños" in Villanueva del Trabuco, where we have a picnic by the side of, or even in the river bed.

For theses rides we offer the option of lunch at a bar/restaurant in one of the villages we pass through or a picnic out in the country, by the edge of the lake, in the shade of a huge oak tree in "Los Arroyos" or as already mentioned at the source of a river.

As we are riding for longer we take the precaution to make stops to rest along the way. We take water, refreshments and something to nibble like fruit or nuts. Usually we stop for about 15 to 20 minutes every hour and a half, to relax our muscles and rest the horse's backs.

We try to make our rides as varied and interesting as possible as much in speed, you should expect walk, trot, canter and some gallop, as in countryside where there will be a bit of everything, country tracks and paths, open country, olive groves, mountains, woodland, valleys, streams, etc., ...

There are always easier and flatter routes for riders who prefer a less demanding day or the security of a well-marked path and other variations which make greater demands on the more adventurous.

Another of the fabulous reasons for doing a day trail with us is the spectacular views which you can see from some points along the different routes. On one of the routes that we do regularly we climb a ridge of 900m from where you can see a panorama of 360º. Looking west and north west over the southern part of the province of Córdoba, the lake at Iznájar towards Lucena and Puente Genil, then Rute and the Subbética Mountains to the North, if you look east towards Loja and beyond you will see the snow covered peaks of the "Sierra Nevada" and the city of Granada at its foot. Then to the South we look across to the "Sierra de Loja", "Gibalto" and the mountains of Villanueva del Trabuco and Rosario and on towards "El Torcal" near Antequera, with the "Sierra de Archidona" almost at our feet to the west. Don't forget to bring your camera!

As riding during 5 or 6 hours is physically more demanding than a half day ride we recommend this type of trail to those who ride regularly with a minimum level of being able to maintain control of the horse and balance in trot and canter.

Programme: 5 to 6 hours riding with one stop for lunch approximately 1 hour, depending on season, and another 2 stops of 20 minutes for a rest and refreshments.

For Itineraries of some of the Day Rides we offer see link



2 to 6 Day Rides

*Specially designed for riders at intermediate or advanced level and in good physical shape.

Following the same format or style as the above mentioned day rides and half day rides we offer hacking over longer distances or trail rides from 2 to 6 day's duration.

This type of ride is more damanding physically although the level of experience needed doesn't differ much from what we ask for for a day ride. It's enough to be able to keep your balance and control your horse at trot and canter during relatively long periods and to feel comfortable in theses gaits. 

The trail rides of various days that we offer are consecutive itineraries in a there and back or daisy petal format.

What does this mean? We leave Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Center on day one and during a trail of 5 or 6 hours we cover 30 or 40 kms. approximately, stopping a couple of times to rest and for refreshments and snacks. At lunchtime we stop for longer at a bar/restaurant to eat and rest both riders and horses, or alternatively we have a picnic at some idyllic spot before continuing our ride.

We continue in the afternoon following a different route or itinerary to make our way back to Cortijo Las Minas, so that the horses rest well at night and the riders enjoy the same accommodation all week. Each person or group stays in their chosen accommodation without having to worry about a daily change from one establishment to another.

After a hard day's riding the great majority of riders appreciate hotel service or quality rural accommodation, to have a shower, or spend a bit of time in the pool, to rest and have a delicious meal cooked for them. So that they will be rested and ready for the challenges of the following day. 

Each day we follow a different itineray we see different landscapes, ecosystems and totally different surroundings which can include mountain landscapes with 360º views, woodland and mediterranean forest, lakes and olive groves, the peace and quiet at the edge of a lake or the silence of beautiful unaccesible river valleys.

We invite everyone to take part in the preparation and care of the horses during the ride. It is only common sense that you would want to get to know your equine partner for the journey and brushing him, washing him down and feeding him are part of the experience of a trail ride. This is obviously done with the supervision of our staff and guides from Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Centre.

We continue our journey with the same format as the day before, however with a completely different itinerary, other landscapes, different challenges, difficulties etc. 


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