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School Excursions with Horses

At Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Centre we offer an unforgettable learning experience for school children: Primary years 3, 4, 5 and 6; Secondary years 1 and 2; and young people from youth groups, local councils, community centres and associations. A day living and learning with animals - learning to care for horses.

The educational objectives of our courses, school excursions programmes and summer camps are the following:

To develop a sensitivity towards the natural world and the environment through direct contact with animals in their natural environment. To forment relationships with them, which in the case of horse riding are very close. To reinforce values such as respect and confidence, sensitivity and feeling for animals.

We learn basic horse care and management in small groups, inside and outside the stable: how to approach your horse, put on a headcollar, lead him, tie him up, grooming, how to pick out and care for the hooves ... etc.
We give an informal talk about a topic related to equitation, for example about the tack, we look at saddles and bridles, learn about the different typs of bit and what each one is used for.

We then groom and tack up the horses encouraging all the pupils to actively participate. Then we do a group riding lesson in the enclosed arena, in accordance with the levels of ability and previous experience of the pupils. Each child rides for a minimum of 30 minutes.

There is time to take  a break for a snack and refreshments.

We then learn about the nutrition and feeding of the horses, how and what they eat: The different types of plants, grasses, cereals, grains, specially prepared mixes, additives  and their components. Then we learn how and when to feed the horses.

At lunchtime there will be a break of approximately one hour. The children bring their own packed lunches.

In the afternoon we do a combined activity of walking and riding in the format of a two hour hack out in the local countryside, to learn a little about the indigenous Mediterranean forests, and other ecosystems of the surrounding area. Each pupil will have the chance to ride for a minimum of 30 minutes.

This activity combines very well with other similar excursions or visits to local sites of natural or historic interest, walking and other activities such as climbing or mountain biking.

For detailed itineraries contact info@centroecuestrelasminas.com




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